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I wasn't about to let this disease slow me down anymore so one evening while I was having a "pity party" for myself, I started thumbing through craigslist and came across a 1977 Kingsley GMC Motorhome for sale up in Fort Collins, Colorado. Immediately I had flashbacks of the movie “Stripes” starring Bill Murray where they used a GMC Motorhome as the iconic “EM-50”.  I loved camping and exploring so my thought at the time was that I could use the motorhome to make it easier for myself when I go camping with my family.  After searching the Internet and doing a lot of investigative work on the history of the GMC Motorhome, I came across an article about the GMC Motorhome holding the 2006 World Land Speed Record of 102.7 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Now you have to understand that I’m a motor-head and all my friends are motor-heads and my friends-friends are motor-heads so it didn’t take long before we had a plan to build the Worlds Fastest Motorhome (that I can still camp in after the race).  Its time to let the world know what CMT is all about.  Instead of letting CMT slow me down anymore, my team and I intend to build awareness for CMT by "GOING FAST".  


And thus, the GMC LSR Motorhome a.k.a. “MoHo” Project was born.


Long story, short, we took a perfectly stock GMC Motorhome and gave it to world renowned car builder, Dennis McCarty of Vehicle Effects to give it a complete “Go Fast” makeover.  Dennis is the exclusive car builder for the Fast & Furious movie franchise with Universal Studios and a good friend of my close friend, Steve Woodard.   Well, Dennis and an associate of his, Luke Richards of Lucra Cars, removed everything flammable, including the wood floors, wheel wells, cabinets, old wiring and appliances and replaced everything with aluminum and fiberglass.  We then installed a full-length chromoly roll cage from front to back.  The entire suspension system was replaced with new and more modern parts like quad air bags, Air Ride suspension, 6 wheel disc brakes, front & rear stabilizer bars, Fox shocks, A-Arms, new steering components and more.  Applied GMC was a huge help in supplying all of our parts to rebuild the entire suspension system.  We installed military grade wiring, HD camera backup system, a fuse less Smartwire System, a Racepak IQ3 dash with data logger, Stroud fire suppression system and a full blown SCTA certified race cockpit with full containment kirkey seat. We redesigned the aerodynamics on the front and rear.  Gave her a new “MoHo” grill and added seamless acrylic windows.  Streamlined and smoothed the outside body before painting her black and adding sponsor logos.  Oh yea, I forgot to mention that she was fitted with a new 700HP Chevy big block 502 Ram Jet fuel injected motor and an upgraded TH425 Transmission.


At the 2013 Speed Week on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the MoHo stole the show.  We had more people stopping by to confirm that we were actually racing this vehicle and that it wasn’t just there as a support vehicle.  With 12,000 people attending the event and many international news organizations, it was a great opportunity to let people know about CMT.  On August 12, 2013, we successfully drove the GMC LSR “MoHo” 120.8 mph.  That year, we were only 7.8 mph short of the overall Guinness World Record for “Worlds Fastest Motorhome” but we were very pleased with the results considering we were rookies.  Although we didn’t get the “overall” fastest motorhome record, it’s a cool feeling to know you have the fastest “GMC Motorhome” on the planet.  In 2016, we are installing an NX wet nitrous system, front air spoiler, side skirts, airtabs and perhaps we’ll make another final drive gear ratio change. The current world record is now held by a Fiat Diablo Campervan in the UK at a speed of 141.3mph.   After being rained out in 2014 & 2015 we are headed back to Bonneville in 2016 to finish what we started.


If you want to support the GMC LSR “MoHo” project, or make a donation directly to the CMT Association.  Just click on the CMTA Logo on the home page and it will redirect you to the official CMTA donations page.


Thanks for your support

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