Palmerdesigns, Ltd.
Vehicle Modifications

  • 1977 Kingsley, GMC Motorhome
  • Chevy 502 Ram Jet
  • TH425 Transmission
  • Reverse Manual Valve Body
  • MSD-7AL Ignition Control Box
  • MSD HVC-2 Coils
  • Kirkey Full Containment Seats
  • Chromoly Roll Cage
  • RacePak IQ3 Dash & Data Logger
  • Pure Termination Military Spec Wiring
  • Aluminum Floors
  • Applied GMC Rear Quad Air Bags
  • Applied GMC Front Suspension
  • Woodward Steering Column
  • Goliath Wheels
  • "V" Rated Bridgestone Tires
  • Applied GMC Front Sway Bars
  • Applied GMC Rear Dual Sway Bars
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Applied GMC Seamless Windows
  • Smoothed Body
  • Aero Dynamic Front
  • Twin Odessey Batteries
  • Hella Lights
  • Custom Aluminum Powdercoat Race Dash
  • Leviathan 360˚ Video Camera System
  • TSM 6 Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Classic Tube Stainless Brake Lines
  • P30 Master Cylinder
  • Sensitized Brake Booster
  • 80mm Front Calipers
  • CBR Radiators
  • Limited Slip Final Drive
  • Magnalflow Exhaust
The Quest for Worlds Fastest Motorhome
Update:  MARCH 1, 2015

We are scheduled to race the GMC Motorhome on August 8 -14, 2015 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, UT/NV.  We've upgraded the GMC Motorhome with new side skirts and a front splitter as well as a fresh NX nitrous system

The sole reason for this World Record Attempt is to bring public awareness to a devastating neurological condition known as Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.  Please click on "about this project" or visit to learn more about how you can help.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the current record for "Worlds Fastest Motorhome" as of July 2014 was 138 mph.   In August 2013, The Palmer Designs GMC LSR Motorhome went 120.838 mph on the 3 mile course.  We've now made a few modifications on the engine and significant modifications to the aerodynamics.  We are confident that we can break this record.  Now we just need mother nature to cooperate by keeping our race course hot and dry.  Our team is committed to making a second attempt at the World Record in 2014.

We are seeking the World Fastest Motorhome Record to raise awareness about Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT), similar to Muscular Dystrophy but CMT damages the peripheral nerves instead of the muscles.  Eventually, many people with CMT have constant pain and may loose the ability to control their hands/arms and feet/legs.  It is the 2nd most common neurological disorder in the United States but many people have never heard about it. 

I have this disease and my team is helping me fight CMT by going fast.  Click on the CMTA logo to the left to donate directly to the CMT Association.
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